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The Company Saviboat, solutions for leisure boating centers

The Saviboat Expertise
Pioneers in the design and production of electric leisure boats

Saviboat By Tecla, French manufacturer of electric leisure boats, has been innovating and promoting nautical leisure concepts for several years. Through their accomplishments, designs, experience and tools, Saviboat By Tecla offers private and public developers of navigable surfaces the opportunity to turn this asset into a profitable business.

Saviboat By Tecla promotes and conveys the principles of innovation, sustainable development, creativity, and nautical pleasure through their products and services, by developing effective tools for nautical leisure investors in an expanding market.

Building on two designs: The Port Miniature© and Derby ranges, Saviboat By Tecla provides solutions to communities of communes, private estates, hotels and tourist companies, helping them to promote their river or lake domains.

Key dates

  • 1987

  • The Port Miniature© was created in Saint-Savinien (17) from the imagination of Jean-Louis Foucaud, a man with a passion for boats. Now taken over by the family, this site is still in business.
  • 1990s

  • Building on his success, Mrs Foucaud created the Saviboat company to promote this innovative concept. The "Port Miniature©” has expanded all over France as well as in Europe.
  • Designed for lake, river and canal rides, the Derby 4.30 was introduced in the late 90’s to target the general public.
  • 2000s

  • Saviboat is the undisputed leader of the electric boat market in France and Europe for leisure boating centres, communities and private individuals.
  • 2014

  • Specialising in plastics processes and working for major companies in the nautical industry, TECLA has taken over the manufacturing and marketing of Saviboat electric boats.

Product range
Saviboat Saviboat specialist in leisure electric boat

Saviboat solutions for your leisure boating centers